17 August 2017

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Ceri – Gubbio

After the bishop’s blessing, the race starts. The ceraioli and the people are together in the excitement of those first moments when the Captains, the standard bearer and trumpeter on horseback precede the Ceri at a gallop. The Captains from the previous year give the go-ahead.

The crowd cheers, explodes in dense choral cry of “Via ch’eccoli” (Here they are).

The colourful crowds separate as if by miracle to leave way for the Ceri to run through the narrow medieval streets, well placed on the robust shoulders of the ceraioli, swaying alarmingly, grazing and sometimes touching walls and windows.

With great ability and years of experience, the ceraioli manage to prevent dangerous accidents, even though they slip and often fall, especially when it is rainy. The test of great strength and ability is to make the Cero run as far as possible keeping it upright, without letting it fall or swing over.

This is the victory, bearing in mind that there is no such thing as over-taking in this race: the Ceri arrive at the top of the mountain in the same order that they left in: St Ubaldo, St George and St Anthony.

The route taken by the running Ceri is about 4.3 km long, starting from the “alzatella” up to the basilica at the top of the mountain.


Per maggiori informazioni visita il sito web dei Ceri:

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